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I Remember That Night

The night of January 24. That was the night I finally collapsed before God. The night I finally gave up my silent resistance. The night I finally opened my wary eyes to the blinding Light of the Lord. I remember hearing a Voice — a Voice so acutely terrifying and so mollifyingly beautiful. It was […]

If My Characters Gathered in a Bar

What would happen if my characters all gathered in a bar? 😏 TIMBERWOLF CHARACTERS:Dale — the guy at a table quietly sipping his drink, conversing with one or two people. Elsa — comes to the bar to watch the news, but doesn’t buy anything alcoholic because she claims she’s “not one to lose control of […]


What makes a man great is not solely his strengths and talents, but also his ability to acknowledge and learn from his weaknesses and mistakes.None of us are perfect. None of us ever will be.We need to learn and accept our weakness and learn from our mistakes.Only then will we have a chance at being […]

Just a Small Poem

Letterlike Laura K. Abeid Dear innocence, I’ve fallen to grief I have lost all common sense Oh innocence As young and green as a leaf. Dear innocence, I’m running blind The world is not making sense Oh innocence, I’m out of my mind. Dear wanderlust, I’m trapped inside Feeling everything turn to dust Oh wanderlust, […]

New Story!

That’s right — you read the heading correctly! I am writing a new story for an online fiction writing class, called Songwing: Lumen’s Music. In a world ravaged by dark forces and living under an evil god’s thumb, Mavis Darkwright has to live with the burden of a traitorous ancestor and bear all the insults […]

Good Friends

When you make a good friend — and I mean a really good friend — your life takes a turn for the better. Good friends that build you up, comfort you when you’re down, and stay by your side in times of trouble, are priceless. Ever since the pandemic hit, we have not been able […]

Just a Little Poem

Hello everyone! I just wanted feedback on this poem I wrote for Timberwolf. Tell me what you think, and what could be made better! The Prophecy From the ashes of quiet mayhem A foretold change was born A hero with eyes like the sky And the voice of a battle horn. Restless evil from ages […]

Excerpt from Throne of Embers

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the suggestions for the last post. I am working hard on making a decision. I also apologize for the silent time span between this post and the last. My computer has been a bit laggy, therefore making it hard to do anything without a five-second delay. I’ve […]

Remember Quote

Hello friends! I need some help. If I were to create a fictional race of people in Remember, what real-world people should I model it after? Usually, I like to shape the races in my stories after foreign people and cultures. For example, in Throne of Embers, the clan of Zephyrine is modelled after the […]

Lady in the Garden

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs at the days to come.” Proverbs 31 v 25 An image came to me while I was gazing out the window and watching the snow fall. An image of spring at her height of bloom. Now I love snow, and I love winter and her warm, […]


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