Laura K. Abeid

I am a young Canadian writer, and here you can find a sample of my writing, sketches I have done, and so much more

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  • I Remember That Night
    The night of January 24. That was the night I finally collapsed before God. The night I finally gave up my silent resistance. The night I finally opened my wary eyes to the blinding Light of the Lord. I remember […]
  • If My Characters Gathered in a Bar
    What would happen if my characters all gathered in a bar? 😏 TIMBERWOLF CHARACTERS:Dale — the guy at a table quietly sipping his drink, conversing with one or two people. Elsa — comes to the bar to watch the news, […]
  • Greatness
    What makes a man great is not solely his strengths and talents, but also his ability to acknowledge and learn from his weaknesses and mistakes.None of us are perfect. None of us ever will be.We need to learn and accept […]
  • Just a Small Poem
    Letterlike Laura K. Abeid Dear innocence, I’ve fallen to grief I have lost all common sense Oh innocence As young and green as a leaf. Dear innocence, I’m running blind The world is not making sense Oh innocence, I’m out […]
  • New Story!
    That’s right — you read the heading correctly! I am writing a new story for an online fiction writing class, called Songwing: Lumen’s Music. In a world ravaged by dark forces and living under an evil god’s thumb, Mavis Darkwright […]

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