The Pyrestone Saga

“The inferno in his soul was hotter, larger, and much more dangerous than any other real fire.”

The world of Dryadal Tarra is divided; broken — the people split into clans, and the world split into continents.

The Lustris clan, the people of the sun, worshipped the god Phaseras and rejoiced in the light.

The Aquarial clan, borne from the water, held peace amongst themselves and held dominion over the sea.

The Zephyrine clan, children of the air, were a charitable people, with good deeds as bountiful as the gales.

The Terrae clan, from the earth’s bosom, are a wild lot whose bodily strength surpasses all else.

The Glacia clan, from the chilly depths of the world, have intellect as sharp as the ice in their hearts.

The Skotor clan, the brood of shadows, are shrouded in mystery just as the darkness shrouds their ways.

In the village of Vulgen — a nasty, dirty, poor little village — the clanless people are oppressed and treated worse than dirt by the Glacia-Skotor Empire. Rúan Fernyasson lives with his sick mother in this village, barely scraping by to keep his mother alive. He is bitter that the Empire should be so nasty to their fellow human beings.

Then one day, during an attack on Vulgen, Rúan discovers that the people of his village are not clanless, like the Empire claimed, but the lost clan of Blazing — children of the fire — and that Rúan is the next heir to its throne.
Will Rúan be able to save the Blazing people from the heel of the Empire?