Standalone Books and Short Stories


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After waking up with her memory gone, twenty-one-year-old Claire is introduced to a world she’s never known . . . or never remembered. An evil is stirring, looming over the Naril Kingdom and threatening destruction. The memories she lost contain vital secrets to obliterate the dark evil, which holds the lost spirit of a legendary fighter.

Can Claire trigger her memories and free the lost spirit from the clutches of evil?

Luceat Lux Vestra

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Liana and Toran live in a world with a perpetual umbra hovering above the kingdom of Tenebrae, with the Shadow threatening anyone who so much as thinks about rebelling against its power. The Light, Toran teaches Liana, was obliterated by the Shadow. Liana is weary of the Shadow and its rule, and she is determined to bring the Light back. But how will she do it, with the Shadow’s power against her?

Songwing: Lumen’s Music

In a world ravaged by dark forces and living under an evil god’s thumb, Mavis Darkwright has to live with the burden of a traitorous ancestor and bear all the insults the village of Ethu casts upon his family name. But when he saves a woman from a dangerous beast, he is gifted with the power of Lumen’s Music — a power that can challenge the evil god Timor. He must face Timor and confront It, but with no army at his back, how will he do it?