About Me

Laura K. Abeid

Hello! I’m Laura, and I’m hoping to be a published author. I live in Canada, and I am homeschooled. Right now, I have a couple of drafts I’m working on, and I have high expectations about one of them. My father, Cesar Abeid, has published a book, and I am hoping to follow in his footsteps, but with all different kinds of fiction. I am also Catholic, and try really hard to please my utmost Role Model, Whom I know is smiling down on me as I write my stories.

When I was younger, about nine or ten, I had no interest in writing whatsoever—I loved reading. But then, all of a sudden, I picked up a copy of The Edge of Extinction: The Ark Plan, by Laura Martin and read it from cover to cover, a newfound idea swirling in my head. A caged story yearning to break free from the bars of my imagination. A book-worthy story.

That’s when I went to my parents about the latter. They told me that it was a great idea, and—fuelled by their praise and advice—got out my laptop and started the first chapter. I titled the story: Nova Darkstrider: A Star Wars Tale, brimming with excitement and possibility. But an important detail I had overlooked was to have an outline. I’d just written and let the story make its own path, letting all the ideas flow from my mind and into my fingertips, always flying across the keyboard like bats at a sunset. I still have the first draft—it just needs some … drastic revision. 😬

Years later, long after I’d finished my story and began littering my laptop with little maybe-stories here and there, I came up with a new idea. It hit me while I was in the shower, almost making me drop the soap bar, and my next thought was: What will I do with all these ideas? I quickly finished my shower and wrote down the ideas into a blank note on my computer, and—slowly, progressively—it turned into this story on which I could lay my hopes.

I have three other stories in the making, and one that I wrote for a contest, and my hope one day is to self-publish those four stories. If God’s will be done, I hope that some of you reading this will be some of my first readers. 😊

God Bless!

~ Laura K. Abeid