If My Characters Gathered in a Bar

What would happen if my characters all gathered in a bar? 😏

Dale — the guy at a table quietly sipping his drink, conversing with one or two people.

Elsa — comes to the bar to watch the news, but doesn’t buy anything alcoholic because she claims she’s “not one to lose control of herself.”

Sage — “Drinks are on me, everyone!”

Finneas — already on his fifth cup of mead but showing no sign of drunkenness.

Rae — says she’s coming but doesn’t show.

Lydia — stays in the corner the entire time, then is the first to leave.

Rúan — makes merry with his friends for about five minutes, then takes his drink to the one-seat table at the back and is aloof for the rest of the night.

Thane — the fun, social, party animal who chats, plays games, and gambles with his buddies.

Grey — the bartender.

Gregor — delirious on Baron’s Brew, ten minutes into a drinking contest.

Duff — pestering Grey to let him have a shot of alcohol, despite being underage.

Yulenna — who is that person with the hood in the corner?

Fernya — “Whomever created drinks with this much potency needs a good, hard smack in the face.” *grumbles as she looks at the bottle Rúan was drinking*

Mavis — the guy lying face-down on a table, completely incoherent.

Carmen — denies the invitation in the first place, claiming to have something going on on the same time.

Oriana — “Oh, no thank you, I don’t drink.”

Firenze — Winning the drinking contest with Gregor.

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