Good Friends

When you make a good friend — and I mean a really good friend — your life takes a turn for the better. Good friends that build you up, comfort you when you’re down, and stay by your side in times of trouble, are priceless.

Ever since the pandemic hit, we have not been able to see our friends as much as we used to. Sure, you can video call them, talk to them on the phone, message them, email them — the list is endless. But it is not quite the same. We humans need this face-to-face interaction. It is a natural desire to be around people, especially the people we love and call friends.

Good friends will stay by your side even during this trial period. Good friends will stay in contact with you, lift your spirits, and love you. You could return the favour, also, and help them. Friendship goes both ways, and it is a beautiful thing that God has given us. Let’s put it to good use.

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