Just a Little Poem

Hello everyone! I just wanted feedback on this poem I wrote for Timberwolf. Tell me what you think, and what could be made better!

The Prophecy

From the ashes of quiet mayhem

A foretold change was born

A hero with eyes like the sky

And the voice of a battle horn.

Restless evil from ages past

Will stir at the hero’s first cries

The hunt thus begins with a widow’s tears

And will cease when prejudice dies.

A sword of myth will hence be forged

And will lay in the depths of the earth

Unburied by fate and fortitude

And brandished with the spirit’s birth.

The hero will ride upon destiny

At the right hand spirit will stand

An entity so strong and so mighty

So remembered through all the land.

Sleep does not come easily

To those that the prophet has spoken

Thus words of coming and pending change

The weak man will only have broken.

When the moon reflects off the waters

Only then will the azurewolf rise.

Only then will the azurewolf rise.

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