Hello to anyone who stumbled upon this post! I am Laura K. Abeid (in case you don’t know already), and I am an author-in-progress. The stories I am currently writing are in order of when I first got the idea:

~ Throne of Embers, book one of the Blazing saga, about a boy with a secret heritage.

~ Timberwolf, book one of the Timberwolf trilogy, about a werewolf boy.

~ Remember, a standalone about a young woman who wakes up with a wiped memory — which contained the secrets for how to fight off an evil that looms over her kingdom.

In my bio, I explain a little how I came up with the ideas for some of the stories, and the funniest one by far is how I got the idea for Timberwolf. I will post the backstory of how I got the idea for each story in a future post.

Well, since this is my first post (and since I’m a newbie at blogging), I will end here.

(Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask below!)

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